Laura at Garrison GCLaura’s Story

Golf was not part of my life growing up. In school I played volleyball and softball, and even in gym class, golf was a one-day thing where we really just slapped the ball around for 45 minutes. My grandfather used to watch it on TV and I thought it was one of the most boring things in the world to watch, much less play! Who would be bothered with this game?

But then a golfing friend (a low-handicapper) started nudging me to try, and took me to the driving range and a short par-3 course. Apparently I had a decent swing, with a natural baby draw, and after hitting a couple good shots, I was hooked. “I did THAT?! That was awesome!!” Soon after that I bought the whole starter kit and thought oh geez … now I’m taking up quite the expensive hobby!

It was all over after that… I was hooked. I worked up the nerve to join the golf league at work, and I noticed improvements in my game just by playing regularly.   I took a few lessons and really started enjoying it. Aside from my 9-5 day job, I was also waitressing on weekends and when the place I worked at closed, I thought why not work at a golf course and maybe meet a cute guy too? LOL Well, this actually happened, believe it or not!   I met Gordon there, and we worked together, ended up playing some golf together and hanging out, and whaddya know — we ended up getting married a couple years later!



Gordon at Octoberfest

Gordon’s Story

I started working in the golf industry in 1983. I walked into my local golf course looking for a summer job. Two weeks later I was running the restaurant! I didn’t actually start playing until years after I was working there. Since then, I have managed several golf course restaurants and have also been the owner of one.

I met my wife when she waitressing at one of these restaurants and we got married at the golf course restaurant  I owned. (see pics)  We have been taking golf vacations and day trips since 2003.

In 2008, I started working on the golf course maintenance crew.   The outdoors is the best office to work in!   In January of 2016, I took a three week professional turf management course at Rutgers University.

I have been improving my golf game steadily over the past 20 years, and actually have TWO holes-in-one! (Though Laura will argue the first one since she didn’t personally witness it.) [Laura’s edit: Ok, at first I did, but it was mostly out of jealousy.] I have won three club championship tournaments at three different skill levels. In 2015, I was awarded most improved golfer at my course by taking my handicap down to a 6.6!

We started talking about sharing our golf knowledge and experiences with other golfers for many years.   This blog is the result.


Bethpage 2009 Golf Ball Car Our Story

We really enjoy playing golf together. We mostly play at our home course – where Gordon also works as a greenskeeper/maintenance pro (and where we first met!).  We’ve also played a few ‘mixed’ tournaments together, and most (Ok, ALL) of our vacations are planned around golf too. Usually we head south in the winter for some Florida golf. It’s a nice break from the cold while we wait for spring in the Northeast!

We decided to start this blog because inevitably at any 19th hole we would end up chatting about the day’s golf: the course, the clubhouse, the weather, the birdies, bogies and “others” … and it occurred to us that since these conversations were usually quite lively, why not offer “his & hers” experiences & insights about the various courses to [hopefully] help other golfers enjoy the game as much as we do. We look forward to providing our readers with course reviews, humorous stories (because you must have a sense of humor to play this game … ) and other golf stuff that add to the enjoyment of the game for everyone …. We hope you like it!

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