How To Get The Most From A Discount Tee-Time Site

How To Get The Most From A Discount Tee-Time Site

Most sites are designed similarly.   Follow these steps to select your course and time.

  1. Enter your zip code or region
  2. See if any courses appear close to where you want to play
  3. Sort by distance, price, cost
  4. Join the website as a member or sign in as a guest
  5. Enter your credit card info
  6. Print out your confirmation
  7. Confirm your time by calling the course   (Don’t forget this last step, I found out the hard way)
  • Play golf



  • Some sites have rewards programs that you will want to take advantage of.   I have used promo codes from a few sites.   After you book a certain amount of the times you qualify for a promo.  Pay attention—-These codes usually have an expiration date.
  • Golf courses and discount tee-time sites have varied relationships and different ways they prefer to collect fees.  Some sites charge you for the full price of the round (you pay nothing at the pro shop).  Some sites collect a fee and you pay the pro-shop for the discounted cost of the round.  Make sure you know which method you are agreeing to when you use a site so that there are no surprises when you check in.

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