Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Why did we create this site, and why should you read it?


  1. We like to travel and play different golf courses.
  2. We have wasted an extraordinary amount of time, and been extremely frustrated researching where to play and things to do.
  3. We enjoy talking to the “locals” at courses and bars to find out where they like to go and discover “must see” destinations.
  4. We like to document the courses and other interesting/fun places through videos and photography
  5. We want to share our findings with other golfers so that you can make informed decisions about your limited and precious vacation time.
  6. It is our hope that we can create a “weluvgolf” community of avid and dedicated golfers who will share their golf/vacation experiences with their fellow golf enthusiasts.



Our site is separated into a few sections:


               Course Reviews

We will be making videos of courses we play to give you a first person perspective of what each course looks like.  We use a Go Pro camera attached to the golf cart and still photos taken from tee boxes to make a “course tour” video.  Pictures of interesting vistas, landscapes, and animals will be posted for each course under “photos”.  We will list links to each golf course web site as well as links to other sites such as Yelp, Golf Advisor, Golf Now and other applicable sites.  Courses can be found geographically by clicking “Course Reviews”.

Grounds Crew

Share with you posts on grounds crew issues. I have been helping golfers understand “why” we do the things that we do for years.  I earned a professional turf management certificate from Rutgers and want to get even more information out to more people.
Ex: Why are we always putting holes in the ground?


Since man can not live by golf alone we will share with you our other interests.   These include cooking, hiking, hockey, knitting, photography, turtles, and vacations/day trips.

Discount Tee Times

There are several discount tee time web sites that offer great savings.   We have also given suggestions on how to use these sites.


We hope you enjoy our blog, and look forward to reading all of your comments!

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